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Клиенты на всю жизнь
Клиенты на всю жизнь - Карл Сьюэлл, Пол Браун
Книга "Клиенты на всю жизнь" - замечательное практическое руководство по работе с клиентами (а попутно и по организации работы предприятия, маркетингу и мерчендайзингу) о...
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Access 2002 Bible +CD


Access 2002 Bible +CD -  (2001)

Product Description

If Access can do it, you can do it too! Client lists. Sales figures. Web research. Take charge of your data to better run your business or organization. With expert advice from Cary Prague and Michael Irwin, you'll quickly master Access 2002's top database management capab...

123.75 грн

AutoCAD 2002 Bible +CD

Ellen Finkelstein (2002)    

AutoCAD 2002 Bible +CD - Ellen Finkelstein (2002)

The AutoCAD 2002 Bible will show you how to master the complexities of the world's most popular technical drawing program. This book covers everything you will ever need to know about AutoCAD, ...

137.5 грн

AutoCAD 2002 for Dummies

Middlebrook Mark, Smith B (2001)    

AutoCAD 2002 for Dummies - Middlebrook Mark, Smith B (2001)

With AutoCAD 2002 For Dummies you can start designing with the world's top drafting software -? no prior knowledge required. This book helps you learn both the menu and toolbar access to comman...

61.89 грн

Digital Photography Handbook


Digital Photography Handbook -  (2001)

Book Description

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography tools and techniques, no matter what brand of equipment you own. From cameras to scanners to printers, this indispensable resource from Hewlett-Packard® can help you get great looking results from your investment!

Book Info

49.5 грн

Photoshop 7 for Dummies

McClelland Deke, Obermeie (2002)    

Photoshop 7 for Dummies - McClelland Deke, Obermeie (2002)

Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most comprehensive and popular photo editor around. Here are a couple of reasons why: When you work in Photoshop, you're not drawing from scratch; you're editing photos. Secondly, the program keeps you interested with a depth of capabilities that few pieces of softwar...

61.89 грн

Photoshop Studio Secrets, 3rd Edition +CD

Mcclelland Deke (2001)    

Photoshop Studio Secrets, 3rd Edition +CD - Mcclelland Deke (2001)

If you're proficient in Photoshop 5.0 but need some help making your fine art finer and your commercial art slicker, turn to this book. Each chapter highlights the approach and output of 21 artists (including coauthor Eisman) in a handsome full-color layout.

Part 1 focuses on general techniqu...

123.75 грн

Pocket PC Handbook


Pocket PC Handbook -  (2001)

This book may be four times as big as your Hewlett-Packard Jornada or other Pocket PC, but it's worth reading if you're a new user of the little computers. Pocket PC Handbook is an everyday user's guide to the HP Jornada, Compaq iPAQ, and Casio Cassiopeia lines (among others) of handheld computers a...

49.5 грн

Project 2002 Bible +CD

Marmel Elaine (2002)    

Project 2002 Bible +CD - Marmel Elaine (2002)

The Project Bible is comprehensive, well organized, and appeals to beginners and project managers alike. I heartily recommend it."

-Roy Nierenberg, President, Experience In Software, Inc.

* Harness new enterprise-class project management functionality

* Unleash the power of the ...

99 грн

Visual Basic.NET for Dummies

Wang Wallace (2002)    

Visual Basic.NET for Dummies - Wang Wallace (2002)

Would you like to write Windows programs but don't know where to start?

Visual Basic. NET, the latest distribution of Microsoft's programming language was designed to let anybody-even people with no prior programming experience-create sophisticated programs with stunning user interfaces, qui...

74.25 грн

Web Usability for Dummies

Mander Richard (2002)    

Web Usability for Dummies - Mander Richard (2002)

Web Usability For Dummies goes beyond the current best-sellers by going beyond usability analysis and offering readers real, hands-on methods for improving site usability and testing usability. This guide covers the essentials a Web designer needs to know to create an effective and usable page or si...

161.89 грн


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