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BookZoneКниги на иностранных языках (Books in English)Windows XP/2000

Windows 2000 Security -

Windows 2000 Security

Издательство: New Riders

Артикул: 3300

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Год издания: 2001
Номер издания: 0
В наличии: 2 шт.
ISBN: 978-0-73570-991-1
Количество страниц: 0

Описание книги Windows 2000 Security

Bored hackers looking for a new playground. Digital marauders destroying a carefully planned network infrastructure. These and other security nightmares keep network administrators awake at night. Knowledge is the best way to combat these fears, and Windows 2000 Security does its part to help network gurus protect their systems against intruders.

Windows 2000 Security speaks to an audience of network administrators and support personnel. Previous knowledge of Windows 2000 and Active Directory is recommended, but not required, to find this book useful. Each chapter is well constructed and has a clear goal, which is achieved entertainingly, beckoning the reader from one topic to the next. Particularly engaging are the frequent sidebars, which provide additional information and interesting industry anecdotes. Most chapters contain a "For More Information" section, pointing administrators to related resources for each topic.

Windows 2000 Security is divided into four standalone sections that build nicely, one upon the next, as the book progresses. The first serves as a valuable primer for those not familiar with security essentials such as Kerberos and Public Key Infrastructure. The second section addresses security issues specific to the Windows 2000 operating system, including file system integrity and local security settings. The third section describes the security of local area networks that use Microsoft's operating systems. The final segment discusses securing a complex, multiplatform network, including remote access, virtual private networks, and Web site security.

This is a solid guide to Windows 2000 security, an essential reference to any Windows 2000 administrator, and an excellent place to begin learning about current security issues. By necessity it covers a lot of territory quickly. Those focused exclusively on network security may need a more targeted book, such as E. Eugene Schultz's Windows NT/2000 Network Security. --Pete Ostenson

Product Description

There is no single, credible reference available for Windows 2000 security issues. Existing and announced books all offer glimpses of outdated and simplistic issues, while Roberta Bragg offers a clear vision, with focused and technically accurate practical advice. Like other books in the Landmark series, this book presumes knowledge of Windows 2000, or the willingness to look elsewhere for a guide to the Windows 2000 interface, as it is not a step-by-step guide to the operating system. (An excellent companion book would be Inside Windows 2000 Server) Its primary directive is to assist the Windows NT professional in understanding and implementing Windows 2000 security in their organization. The book is divided into four parts. Chapters will have a "best practices" section which will make recommendations for settings and security practices. An appendix will follow the main book and will include topics on auditing and security policy.

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Отзывы Windows 2000 Security

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