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Troubleshooting, Maintaining&Repairing PCs +CD - Stephen Bigelow

Stephen Bigelow

Troubleshooting, Maintaining&Repairing PCs +CD

Издательство: Osborne Mcgraw-Hill

Артикул: 3168

Старая цена: 297 грн

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Год издания: 2000
Номер издания: 0
В наличии: 1 шт.
ISBN: 978-0-07212-686-0
Количество страниц: 0

Описание книги Troubleshooting, Maintaining&Repairing PCs +CD

Covering everything from general troubleshooting strategies to specific problem-solving procedures, Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Repairing PCs is an excellent resource for people who want to understand how personal computers work and how to fix them when they fail.

Bigelow explains, in great detail, how each subsystem of an IBM-compatible PC works. In the BIOS section, for example, he details the actions, in sequence, taken by various popular BIOS routines at boot up. The CD-ROM section describes exactly how to make a bootable CD-ROM that takes advantage of the El Torito standard. In other chapters, he takes on video monitors, processors from all three major vendors, DVD drives, diagnostic beep and power-on self test (POST) codes, modems, and tons more. Throughout, he combines excellent "how it works" text with bountiful reference material. Bigelow also has paid considerable attention to troubleshooting, concluding each chapter with statements of common problems and their solutions.

A "Symptoms at a Glance" section lists common problems, along with references to the pages that describe what to do about them. This is a useful feature, but it would be easier to find a particular problem if the list were broken up by subsystem. A companion CD-ROM includes lots of shareware and freeware programs that assist with benchmarking and problem solving. --David Wall --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description

Stephen J. Bigelow, the #1 author in PC hardware, has done it again--the ultimate PC reference has been fully revised and updated! With this authoritative resource on hand, you'll be able to solve all of your PC problems, including conflicts, power supply issues, error codes, virus aftermath, and much more. Inside, you'll find an indispensable "Symptoms-at-a-Glance" section which lists specific solutions to more than 2,000 PC problems. In addition, all the material covered on the A+ and CST certification exams is included. The bonus CD-ROM is loaded with more than 120 ready-to-use tools and utilities

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CNAP IT Essentials I: PC Hardware and Software Companion Guide +CD

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Отзывы Troubleshooting, Maintaining&Repairing PCs +CD

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