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MCSE Designing Windows 2000 Directory Services +CD
MCSE Designing Windows 2000 Directory Services +CD -
The only classroom-based training and self-assessment system! Osborne's MCSE Designing a Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure Study Guide provides 100% complete coverage ...
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Using Windows 2000 Professional Spec.Ed. +CD - Cowart R.,Knittel B.

Cowart R., Knittel B.

Using Windows 2000 Professional Spec.Ed. +CD

Издательство: Que Publishing

Артикул: 2427

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ISBN: 978-0-78972-125-9
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Описание книги Using Windows 2000 Professional Spec.Ed. +CD

The problem with the Microsoft Windows 2000 family of operating systems is that they were designed by techies, for techies. Networks built around Windows 2000, with Server in the back room and Professional on everyone's personal machine, are reliable, secure, and easy to manage--which does you precisely no good if you're not a technical person but you just want to figure out how to print to the color printer in the other room without waiting all day for the network person to get to your cube. Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional can help you out. It explains the workings of Windows 2000 Professional in no-nonsense terms that, while dry, will allow you to get the computer stuff out of the way as soon as possible, so you can get back to your real work. It's not a bad reference if you happen to be the network person either, as a matter of fact.

Like the other books in this series, this large volume combines background text (which explains, to cite two examples, printer naming conventions and local area network operating principles), followed by no-frills procedures. This book, unlike most of its series mates, includes troubleshooting flow diagrams to help you pinpoint problems. Do you see such and such a condition? If so, try this. If not, check for this other symptom. The troubleshooting trees go on like that, helping inexperienced problem solvers check the right things and preventing experienced engineers from missing details. The flow diagrams are a great addition to a respected format. --David Wall

Topics covered:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional for power users or network administrators


Initial configuration


Applications management



Extensive network troubleshooting information

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Отзывы Using Windows 2000 Professional Spec.Ed. +CD

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